How to install a 2-story puzzle parking system?

puzzle parking installation

It is a common two-story puzzle parking system with a market share of 70% in China. Installation is a process that involves multiple steps and details. The following is a detailed overview of the installation steps for the second-floor lifting and sliding puzzle parking equipment based on the information provided in the reference article:

Oman puzzle parking equipment

1、 Preliminary preparation

Site evaluation:

Firstly, it is necessary to evaluate the installation site to ensure that it is level. Then unobstruct and meet the installation requirements.

Design Planning:

Based on the site conditions and user needs, the engineer shall design the specific, layout, and specifications of the second-floor lifting and horizontal parking garage. This includes determining parameters such as number of parking spaces, parking space size, and garage height.

Material preparation:

The worker shall prepare the required installation materials. It includes steel structure frames, transmission mechanisms, vehicle carriers, electrical control systems, and safety devices.

puzzle parking system
puzzle parking

2、 Installation process of parking system

Steel structure frame installation:

First, the work installs the steel structure frame of the garage to ensure that the frame is stable, vertical, and flat, meeting the requirements.

Transmission mechanism installation:

Then the worker Installs the transmission mechanism on the steel structure frame, including the motor, reducer, chain or steel wire rope, etc. The transmission mechanism is a crucial part of the garage’s lifting and lateral movement, and it is necessary to ensure installation accuracy and stability.

Vehicle loading plate installation:

The worker Installed the vehicle loading plate under the drive of the transmission mechanism. So Each parking space needs to be equipped with a loading plate for carrying vehicles.

Electrical control system installation:

Then the worker Installs the electrical control system, including the power supply, control cabinet, sensors, etc. The electrical control system is the core part of garage automation operation and needs to ensure safety and reliability.

Installation of safety devices:

Install safety devices such as pedestrian and vehicle intrusion detection devices, vehicle over-length detection devices, and anti-fall devices to ensure the safety of the garage during operation.

how to install multi-parking systm

3、 Debugging and acceptance


After installation is completed, debug the garage and check if all functions are running properly. This includes lifting and lateral movement, electrical control systems, safety devices, etc.


After passing the debugging, acceptance shall be carried out. The acceptance content includes the structural stability, functional integrity, safety, and other aspects of the garage. After passing the acceptance inspection, the garage can be put into use.

4、 Parking system precautions

During the installation of the puzzle parking equipment process, it is necessary to comply with relevant safety regulations and operating procedures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.
Attention should be paid to details and accuracy during the installation process to ensure the quality and performance of the garage.
During the debugging and acceptance process, it is necessary to carefully inspect all functions and safety devices to ensure the safety and reliability of the garage.
Through the detailed overview of the above steps, we can have a clear understanding of the installation process of the second-floor lifting and horizontal parking garage. In practical operation, adjustments and optimizations are according to specific circumstances to ensure that the quality and performance of the garage meet user needs.

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