Cost Analysis of Rotary Parking

rotary parking system image

rotary parking system image

Tips: Vertical rotary parking system refers to a kind of parking equipment that uses circular motion perpendicular to the ground to achieve vehicle access and retrieval.

work principle of rotary

The working principle is to drive the transmission mechanism through a reducer. It installs a storage bracket at regular intervals on the traction component chain. The storage bracket moves in a circular motion along with the chain. so it can achieve the purpose of vehicle access.

rotary parking image
rotary parking is a vertical parking system.

Regarding investment costs, the investment in traditional parking lots mainly lies in civil engineering. While in a vertical rotary parking garage, the construction cost of civil engineering can be reduced by nearly half. At the same time, the cost of ventilation, lighting, and labor can be reduced. And then the investment cost of vertical rotary parking lift equipment.

After knowing the advantages and investment of a vertical parking garage, we can further understand the current profit methods of a rotary parking garage. It can be divided into basic parking fees and additional profit fees. Regarding additional profit fees and direct benefits, it is easy to get back. It includes advertising revenue, parking space rental, etc. Regarding indirect benefits, It is a good profit. it promotes consumption, such as densely populated areas, commercial districts, or hospitals.

According to the profit model of the vertical parking system, the efficiency of cost recovery is still considerable. The problem of parking difficulties has become one of the challenges for society, and the promotion of vertical parking garages effectively alleviates this problem.

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