What is car stacker parking?

stacker parking

The car stacker is a device that uses an electric motor to drive a chain or steel wire rope to lift and lower the vehicle platform, thereby achieving vehicle access and retrieval. The following are the main characteristics and advantages of a simple lifting car stacker parking equipment.

Pit model car stacker
Pit model car stacker image

1. Working principle of car stacker parking:

The motor drives the chain or steel wire rope through an electric motor to lift and lower the power car platform. Of course, hydraulic-driven vehicle panels can be raised or lowered too. Car owners can control access to the vehicle through a joystick, achieving automated control.

2. Characteristics of steel structure design:

It has a simple structure, standardized design, large-scale production, and fast installation speed. Typically, a 2 to 4-story structure is used to maximize space utilization and increase the number of parking spaces.

Advantages of use:

Convenient access to vehicles

Adopting automated control reduces waiting time and parking costs.

energy saving and environmental protection

Mechanical components such as motors and chains adopt energy-saving design At the same time, the sealing of the garage is good, which is conducive to reducing energy consumption and noise.

Safe and reliable

Mechanical parking locking mechanisms avoid the risk of theft or damage to the vehicles.

More types:

Parking lift

Double stacker parking / Triple stacker parking / Quard stacker parking

matters needing attention:

With simple and practical characteristics, it has played an important role in solving the problem of difficult parking in cities. It provides car owners with safe and convenient parking options.

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