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Robotic Parking System Model PXD

Tada PXD model full automated parking equipment, also known as trans elevator parking, is a highly automated parking system that uses trans elevator cranes as the core handling tool. The working principle of this device is to transport vehicles from the entrance to the parking space through a trans elevator crane or to remove vehicles from the parking space and send vehicles to the exit.


  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China
  • Product name: Full Automated Parking System
  • Brand: Tada
  • Model: PXD
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Load Capacity: 2000kg-2700kg
  • Dimensions of cars: 5300mmx1950mmx2050mm
  • Certification: CE ISO
  • Drive Mode: Motor-driven
  • Power Supply: 3 phase 5 line
  • Operation Voltage: 24V
  • Surface Treatment: Spray painting
  • Entry and Exit Methods: Forward entry and forward exit
  • Operating Mode: Swipe card or Touch screen
  • Exchange Method: Comb Exchange

Vehicle Exchange Technology:

Parkrobot image of automated parking systems

PXD automated parking system adopts no-pallet transfer technology.

Technical support:

The user manuals, operation training, online support, fault diagnosis guidance, on-site installation guidance, etc

How does it work:

When picking up the car, the user swipes a card at the entrance or exit of the parking lot or makes an appointment through the APP, and the system sends instructions to the parking robot. After receiving the instruction, the parking robot moves to the position of the storage rack and uses a comb-tooth misalignment and crossover action to extract the car from the storage rack to the carrier. Then through a series of actions, the car is moved to the roadway stacker, and finally, the vehicle is transported to the entrance and exit of the parking lot and the head of the car is turned to the direction of the exit, which is convenient for users to pick up the car.

Purchase Guide:

how to buy the PXD elevator parking system

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