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Automated Parking

What industries do you serve?

What are your help desk hours?

The working hours of the service desk are from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday.

What types of automated parking do you provide?

The automated parking system provided by Tada is as follows: Robotic Parking System(no pallet), Tower Parking System (pallet), Rotary Parking System, Puzzle Parking System, etc.

What are the benefits of an automated parking system?

Here are some of the benefits of an automated parking system: Increased space efficiency, Reduced traffic congestion, Improved safety Increased convenience.

Automated Parking FAQ

What Are Automated Parking Systems?


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What are the advantages of APS?


Automated car parking systems provide efficient use of space, convenience for drivers, and enhanced safety and security. They can park cars more tightly together, accommodating more vehicles in the same space. Drivers can simply pull up to the entry point, and the system takes control of the vehicle, eliminating the need to search for a parking spot.

How does the automated parking system work?


When storing the car, the car is parked on the platform at the entrance of the automated parking garage. The detection device at the entrance can detect the vehicle's length, width, height and other data to park the vehicle on parking levels of different heights. The comb-tooth parking robot moves under the vehicle and uses the comb-tooth misalignment and cross movement to extract the car to the carrier. It moves under the vehicle and moves the vehicle to a shuttle or lift, and then parks the car on a parking space through a plane movement action.