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Robotic Parking System Model PPY

Tada Model PPY Automated Parking System device refers to a mechanical parking device that uses automated technology to move vehicles horizontally on the same level through a shuttle to achieve vehicle access and parking. Simultaneously combining a shuttle and an elevator to achieve flat movement and access of vehicles between multiple floors. Model PPY automated parking system belongs to fully automated parking solutions, characterized by convenient vehicle access, high space utilization, fast operating efficiency, and high safety and reliability. This type of parking system is very suitable for underground, above-ground, or a combination of underground and above-ground intelligent parking lots, which can effectively increase parking capacity, especially suitable for urban environments with limited space and high parking demand.


  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China
  • Product name: Full Automated Parking System
  • Brand: Tada
  • Model: PPY
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Load Capacity: 2000kg-2700kg
  • Dimensions of cars: 5300mmx1950mmx2050mm
  • Certification: CE ISO
  • Drive Mode: Motor-driven
  • Power Supply: 3 phase 5 line
  • Operation Voltage: 24V
  • Surface Treatment: Spray painting
  • Entry and Exit Methods: Forward entry and forward exit
  • Operating Mode: Swipe card or Touch screen
  • Exchange Method: Comb Exchange

Vehicle Exchange Technology:

Parkrobot image of automated parking systems

PPY automated parking system adopts no-pallet transfer technology.

Technical support:

The user manuals, operation training, online support, fault diagnosis guidance, on-site installation guidance, etc

How does it work:

When storing the car, the car is parked on the platform at the entrance of the automated parking garage. The detection device at the entrance can detect the vehicle's length, width, height and other data to park the vehicle on parking levels of different heights. The parking robot moves under the vehicle and uses the comb-tooth misalignment and cross movement to extract the car to the carrier. It moves under the vehicle and moves the vehicle to a shuttle or lift, and then parks the car on a parking space through a plane movement action.

Purchase Guide:

how to buy the full automated parking system

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