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automated parking image of Wuxi Project

Wuxi Power Supply Bureau automated parking system completed and opened

Recently, when a citizen passed West Canal Road, he found that there is an 8-story automated parking system nearing completion. It is understood that this garage is a new type of intelligent garage built by Wuxi Power Supply Company in order to solve the parking problem. It will be able to implement automatic lifting in the future through face recognition.

What impressed many citizens is that the mechanical parking spaces on the second and third floors of many communities in Wuxi are difficult to park, and they often fail. How difficult is it to park in such a high garage? Does it cost electricity? Is it prone to failure? In this regard, Zhang Lei's explanation is that, considering the difficulty of parking, each parking space is 2.5 meters wide. "The car heads in, just wide enough to not hit the side pillars." Partially stopping there does not consume much electricity. He also said that there should be no major failures. The linkage stereo garage is built as a whole, and there are not many small parts. In addition, in order to avoid wind and rain erosion, the entire garage will also have a transparent "cover", which will become a landscape on the western canal road.

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It is reported that this garage is mainly lifted by face recognition. Multiple red and green lights on the ground floor serve as a command. The green light is on to indicate that the car can be parked. The owner can drive the car directly in, brush his face after parking, and the car will rise and fall to find a parking space. There are multiple entrances and exits throughout the garage and the waiting time will not be long.

Someone said that this may be the automated parking system in Wuxi. In this regard, Zhang Lei said that he was not familiar with the highest parking garage in Wuxi, and the three-dimensional garages in other cities he had worked on had a maximum of twelve floors. In fact, some tower-type three-dimensional garages can now be built to more than thirty floors. At present, in order to solve the parking problem, many cities use such intensive garages to build high-rises. This garage is 2.5 meters wide per parking space (40 meters in a row of 16 parking spaces), about 3 meters long, and the entire planar area is more than 100 square meters.

Wuxi Automated Parking System Image
Entrance of Automated Parking Image

Now parking spaces are getting more and more tight, especially when the companies in other districts come to the meeting, it is a headache to coordinate parking issues from multiple parties. To this end, they freed up the site to pilot such a "small high-rise" automated parking system to alleviate the parking problem. The parking space is about 30 cm wider than the average parking space. Whether it is easy to use and save electricity depends on the use situation. The garage may be basically completed by the end of this month and will be put into use as soon as next month.