The 1st smart city parking system solution

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Tada held a ceremonial signing ceremony for the "Laiwu smart city traffic strategic cooperation framework agreement" in the Taida Industrial Park of Laiwu City, Shandong province.The leaders and heads of the companies attending the signing ceremony are from Laiwu City Goverment,investor and local goverment and Tada company.

The contract signing ceremony of smart city parking system was held in headquarters. It shows the new stage of smart city traffic construction for smart parking system.

"Laiwu smart city parking system project" integrates the resources advantage of Laiwu traffic development Group and the product advantage of Tada Auto Parking company of Shandong steel Group, excavates the automated parking system resources in Laiwu City, increases the parking lots supply and strengthens the management of urban static traffic , in order to alleviate the serious problem of car parking difficulty in the rapid development of the city.

With the integration of "Internet plus" to promote Internet innovation and economic society, "Laiwu smart city parking system project" will be a good market prospect, in the support of leaders at all levels in Laiwu City goverment.

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