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Puzzle Parking Model PSH2

The 2-story parking equipment is a popular mechanical parking solution, mainly characterized by the lifting and sliding movement of the loading pallet to store vehicles. The design of these types of puzzle parking equipment can be flexibly combined and arranged according to terrain and spatial requirements. They can be arranged in a single or double-row manner, suitable for both new projects and the renovation and upgrading of existing parking lots.


  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China
  • Product name: 2-story Puzzle Parking Equipment
  • Brand: Tada
  • Model: PSH2
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Load Capacity: 1700kg-2550kg
  • Dimensions of cars: 5000mm(L)x1850mm(w)x1550mm(H)
  • Certification: CE MEA ISO
  • Drive Mode: Motor-driven
  • Power Supply: 3 phase 5 line
  • Operation Voltage: 24V
  • Surface Treatment: Spray painting or hot-dip galvanizing

Equipment Components:

Front view of puzzle parking system image

Front view

Side view of puzzle parking system image

Side view

This type of equipment typically includes the following key components:
1. Steel structure part; 2. Vehicle loading pallet; 3. Lifting system; 4. Sliding system; 5. Transmission part; 6. Security protection system; 7. PLC fully automatic control system.

Technical support:

The user manuals, operation training, online support, fault diagnosis guidance, on-site installation guidance, etc

How does it work:

When storing a vehicle, the vehicle should first be parked in a vacant space on the ground floor If there are vehicles directly above the second floor, the system will first move the empty space by horizontally moving other parking spaces on the bottom floor until the empty space aligns with the space below the second-floor parking space that needs to be lowered The loading plate of the second-floor parking space then descends to the empty space on the ground floor, allowing vehicles to drive directly into the second-floor parking space The vehicle loading pallet rises further to the second floor to complete the storage of the vehicle.

Purchase Guide:

how to buy 2-story puzzle parking equipment

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