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Parking Solutions Showing at the Urban Parking Industry Expo

The 23rd China International Urban Parking Industry Expo closed at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. TADA Beidou+Smart Parking Solutions once again became a major highlight of the exhibition on May 31, 2023.

After careful preparation, our company has once again become a major highlight in the same industry with its classic intelligent car carrier technology and Beidou+intelligent parking new solutions. Leaders from relevant national ministries and commissions visited our company's booth and had friendly conversations with Chairwoman Jin Huijuan. The ingenious design and stable operating performance have attracted many domestic and foreign merchants to stop and watch, consult, and negotiate. Many buyers have confirmed orders for the purchase of conveyors on-site, and some customers of automated parking have confirmed their purchase intentions. Some large parking lot builders have encountered technical difficulties in the construction of parking lots. Through technical explanations from Beidou Intelligent Parking Engineers at TADA, they have gained a deep understanding of the advantages of Beidou+Intelligent Parking System, and are full of expectations for solving parking difficulties in the future.

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At the same time, the Beidou+smart parking system has also become the focus of the Belt and Road ambassadors and economic counselors at the exhibition. By holding a Beidou Smart Parking Belt and Road promotion event, we aim to deepen our friendship with countries along the Belt and Road and lay a good foundation for Beidou Smart Parking to enter these countries.