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automated parking image of Huangshan Xincheng Project

Huangshan Xincheng automated parking system completed and opened

Huangshan Xincheng Project is located in Huangshan East Street, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, and provides a total of 89 automated parking spaces.

The automated parking system adopts no-pallet transfer technology. It has high parking density, safety, reliability, a high degree of automation, and high efficiency of pick-up and retrieval. It has an automatic centering device that can be rotated during operation. It is suitable for large-scale automated parking garages or parking lots.

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The automated parking equipment is mainly composed of a steel structure, elevator, shuttle ( platform or traversing trolley), car carrier (trolley robot), storage rack, rotating disk (automatic U-turn), an access system, detection device, safety device, intelligent frequency conversion control system, monitoring, and parking charge management system.

When storing the car, the car is parked on the platform at the entrance of the automated parking garage. The detection device at the entrance can detect the vehicle's length, width, height, and other data to park the vehicle on parking levels of different heights. The comb-tooth parking robot moves under the vehicle and uses the comb-tooth misalignment and cross-movement to extract the car to the carrier. It moves under the vehicle, moves the vehicle to a shuttle or lift, and then parks the car in a parking space through a plane movement action.

Huangshan Automated Parking System Image
Inner of Automated Parking Image

When picking up the car, the user swipes a card at the entrance or exit of the automated parking garage or makes an appointment through the APP, and the system sends instructions to the parking robot. After receiving the instruction, the parking robot moves to the position of the storage rack and uses a comb-tooth misalignment and crossover action to extract the car from the storage rack to the carrier. Then, the car is moved to the shuttle or elevator through a series of plane movements. Finally, the car is transported to the entrance and exit of the parking lot and the front of the car is turned to the direction of exit, which is convenient for users to pick up the car.