The foundation ceremony for new manufactory

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new manufactory ceremony of mechanical parking system

Shandong Tada Auto Parking Co., LTD. grandly held the foundation laying ceremony of Robot Mechanical Parking Project in the Tada Industry Zone in the morning of June 19, 2018. The plant construction area of the project is more than 8,000 square meters, which has opened up a new territory for the production of high-end warehouse-style intelligent parking system in China.

The “Robot Parking Project” received strong support from the government. The project adapts to new trends and new requirements of the new era and actively promotes the output of superior production capacity, high-quality equipment, and advanced and applicable mechanical parking technologies. It is one of the major new and old kinetic energy conversion projects in Shandong Province and will contribute to the development of smart city industry in Laiwu City and enhance brand construction.

What is the mechanical parking system for new manufactory?

The intelligent handling robot is the core equipment of the fully automatic parking system.

After the new plant is completed and put into production, Tada will become the world's largest supplier of smart handling robots for the automatic parking system.

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