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PCS Vertical Tower Parking System generally has two parking spaces for one layer, can have up to 25 layers storing 50 vehicles with a height of about 50 meters, or storing 40 vehicles with a height of about 36 meters. Little land space needed with the highest land use ratio. Low vibration and low noise. The system is suitable for land shortage area, newly built parking houses and old district transformation, like high-rise office buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, and commercial buildings, so on.


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Shandong Tada Auto Parking Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, with a registered capital of 200 million RMB, is China‘s leading company in the mechanical parking system market, a high-tech company.

Tada was established by two Chinese steel giants, Shan Steel Group and Shagang Steel Group, specialized in the R&D, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of mechanical Smart Parking System.

Tada is the first company who received the manufacturing qualification certificate from AQSIQ for the parking industry in China. Tada could provide more than 100 kinds of products, including Trans Elevator Parking System, Slide Elevator Parking System, Puzzle Parking System, and so on. All those parking systems have been built and run smoothly in daily operation in China and abroad. Our company has obvious advantages in terms of production scale, manufacturing conditions, raw materials and others.

Tada has the world's leading smart parking technology and has many of the world's top experts. A huge investment has been put in the Swiss Competence Center set up by Tada for the R&D of Smart Parking System in Europe. Tada owns more than 30 patents,the Smart Parking System is unique, leads the Market.

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