New Smart Parking System Project Opened in HF China

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new smart parking system project

Core Tip: There are so many features for HF smart parking system project: multiple port, multiple elevators, multiple method of payment for user.

Same as automated parking system, A new smart parking system project built specifically for Bowei Parking, It has 107 parking space in 2 round tower parking buildings.

The smart parking system is the best way to make parking difficult to become easy that to realize modernization of parking system. On the one hand, It becomes more difficult for parking, the land becomes shortage in the urban city. On the other hand, the automated parking system industry develop slowly. Parking gap always is huge in the parking system market. Convenience, efficiencies, automated, safe, stability is the development trend for smart parking system project.

Bowei smart parking system project built steel structure as a platform carrier, high using rate of space, safe and dependent, shorter construction time, green and environmentally friendly. It is easy to realize parking info for real-time management and interactive.

Bowei smart parking system project use idea for the internet +, mix smart parking system and the internet together. It has equipment sales, parking real estate, electronic payment etc multiple business profitable model, not only to resolve the parking issue but also has excellent business value.

entrance for smart parking system project

inner view for smart parking system project

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